Friends of Beltane Fire Society

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This is not an official BFS community - rather - it is just made to try and help out a bit. Please do not post anything which is meant for BFS groups only.

Please will you spread the word that this community exists, and also feel free to post whatever information you have about Beltane, etc. I will update with whatever comes onto the public distribution e-mail lists.

Basic ettiquette applies in this community: keep things cut after one paragraph and/or one picture, do not troll (i.e. post hatred posts etc), keep it on-topic (anything to do with Beltane and/or BFS and/or celtic or Pagan or alternative celebrations occuring in Edinburgh).

Moderation will be light-hearted; trolls will be deleted, BFS-only posts will be deleted, otherwise I will comment and ask for corrections to be made rather than deleting anything. I would welcome another moderator who held some status within Beltane Fire Society itself...?

Please click here for more info about this community.

Other links...
BBC Religion article on Beltane in Edinburgh
Beltane Fire Society's own webpage
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Wikipedia entry on the Beltane Fire Festival

(Please feel free to point out any useful info that I have missed out.)